Our Professional Staff


Dr. MArgo Maine

Dr. Margo Maine, co-founder of the Maine & Weinstein Specialty Group, is a clinical psychologist who has specialized in eating disorders and related issues for over 30 years. She is author of: Pursuing Perfection: Eating Disorders, Body Myths, and Women at Midlife and Beyond, (with Joe Kelly,Routledge, 2016); Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research- Practice Gap, co-edited withBeth McGilley and Doug Bunnell (Elsevier,2010); Effective Clinical Practice in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: The Heart of the Matter, co-edited with William Davis and Jane Shure (Routledge , 2009); The Body Myth: Adult Women and the Pressure to Be Perfect (with Joe Kelly, John Wiley, 2005); Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters and the Pursuit of Thinness  (Gurze, 2004); and Body Wars: Making Peace With Women’s Bodies (Gurze, 2000).

Maine is a senior editor of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention. A Founding Member and Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders and a member of the Founder’s Council and senior board advisor to the National Eating Disorders Association, Dr. Maine is a member of the psychiatry departments at the Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital’s Mental Health Network and at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, having previously directed their eating disorder programs. She serves on several Advisory Committees, including the Renfrew Center Clinical Advisory Board, the Renfrew Foundation Conference Committee, and the Walden Clinical Advisory Board. Dr Maine is the 2007 recipient of The Lori Irving Award for Excellence in Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention and the 2015 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, both given by the National Eating Disorders Association, and is a 2016 Honoree of the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame.

Dr. Maine lectures nationally and internationally on topics related to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, female development, and women’s health. She has devoted much time and energy to addressing federal policy related to eating disorders through her work for the National Eating Disorders Association and the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy, and Action, having served as vice-president and chaired the policy section of the FREED Act (Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders), which was introduced into Congress by Representative Patrick Kennedy in February, 2009 and by Senator Harkin in 2010.


Dr. Weinstein
Dr. Rob Weinstein is the co-founder of the Maine & Weinstein Specialty Group LLC. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology at Michigan State University and his MBA in health care at the Barney School of Business Administration at the University of Hartford. Over the past 21 years, Dr. Weinstein has been involved in developing, managing, and delivering care at the eating disorder programs of several hospitals in the Hartford area. He has presented and published chapters on the topics of child development and eating disorders. Dr. Weinstein is a member of the psychiatry departments at Hartford Hospital and the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.


Kadzo Kangwana, MA, LMSW provides mental health treatment for adolescents and adults of diverse backgrounds. She is a certified practitioner in Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) which is an innovative, holistic and short-term psychotherapeutic approach that pinpoints and clears the root cause of emotional problems to provide enduring positive change.  Kadzo has supported clients to heal anxiety, anger, phobias and trauma caused by sexual, physical and emotional abuse, parental abandonment, accidents, the loss of loved ones, and the diagnosis of debilitating diseases. When she is not working with clients, Kadzo coordinates a youth empowerment program in the community and facilitates workshops on authentic relationships and parenting. Kadzo holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Union Institute & University, and an MSW from the University of Connecticut. Kadzo has lived on four continents, and she has experience in international conservation and community empowerment. She also holds a PhD in Zoology from Cambridge University and a BA in Zoology from Oxford University. Kadzo draws on her broad life experience and understanding of many cultures in her work with clients.